Flu season: how to boost your immunity and stay strong year-round - A Free Talk Series with Kate Petrova

Flu season has arrived to Vancouver but you don’t have to be affected by it! Are you wondering if you should be eating garlic to help you out? Or taking vitamin C? Is fever good for you or should you bring it down? There are answers! And lots of ways to boost your immune system naturally.  And if you ever get sick (oh those nasty viruses!) there are natural ways, too, to help you get over it.

Come and learn with me:

-          The basics of keeping your immune system strong

-          Most important vitamins, minerals, and herbs for immunity

-          What are the natural ways to get over that nasty flu

-          What are the most common immune suppressors

-          Some extra tricks to help you stay healthy (including breathing technics and coconut oil pulling ;)

Boost your immunity and stay strong year round. Rain or shine ;)

Admission is Free

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