The Roadtrip Home with Laura Darcy & Gary O'Neill | A Cultivation of Belonging | A Collective Journey home to Ourselves and our Communities. 

"Friends-Giving" Potluck. 

"People are our why, and we understand the power of human connection, of coming together to nourish, we're hosting a friends-giving pot-luck, in the cozy living room of @bluhouse cafe."

Class will be followed by a Family-Style Thanksgiving Dinner. 

Sunday Evening Yoga Flow & Live Acoustic Music at Bluhouse Cafe. 

*Please bring along a plant based food item to share among the group. 

Class from 6:30-7:30pm + Potluck dinner gathering from 7:30-9:00pm

The loveliest way to come together and finish your cozy Sunday evening in the Cove. Yoga Mats and Good Feels Provided. 


Sharing the Power of Human Connection. 

As a Traveling Community Developers we collaborate with local Spaces, Vendors and Fearless Creators to build a stronger sense of belonging in our communities. |

As a Yoga Teacher and Musician we build Pop-Up Homes | one of a kind experiences for people to come together and connect. |

As a Photographer and Songwriter we share the stories of people we meet along the way.


Please sign-up in store or e-mail Road Trip Home to reserve your space