Join Holistic Nutritionists and founders of Bonafide Vibe Health and Lifestyle, AK Schreiber & Sarah Bellwood at BluHouse Cafe for their Digestive Wellness & Gut Health Workshop. BonaFide Vibe will dive into gut health and the close relationship our guts have with our brain and why healthy digestion is so important to our overall health and vitality. 

BonaFide Vibe have teamed up with Dan Larsen, owner and founder of Culture Craft Kombucha, to bring you this fun and informative workshop starring the bacteria that live in your gut! Culture Craft Kombucha is a local company that pride themselves in brewing the highest quality Kombucha using only local and organic ingredients. Dan will touch on the FAQ about Kombucha and all of the amazing benefits that go along with it. [Spoiler, there's a lot!] 

Come gather with friends, support local business and make new connections with the community for this evening based around holistic living and wellness. 

Tickets are $20.00 and can be purchased upon arrival. 

See you there!

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