“Men who are taking a stand for living lives of purpose and depth, not tolerating society’s version of masculine success. Men who will sit with you, listen, with help you see your gifts and your shadows.

The focus of this group is embodiment, which I believe is the best vehicle for deep mens work.

As men, we’re great at understanding and intellectualizing the things we learn. We’re good at talking, reasoning, rationalizing. Where we fall down is making things real through our actions. This is where embodiment comes in and where this group is different.

We’ll learn and grow through action. This means breath and movement, which will be a hallmark of this group. Together, we’ll reprogram our default settings, and societal programming so that we can cultivate and embody the purpose and way of being we’re trying to create in the world.

No matter what you’re trying to create more of in the world, this group will help you bring it closer to life.”

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